Why This Blog

lgbt2bwiki2bworld2The Purpose of Second Pride is to help build our diverse online LGBT Community.  Looked at one way, Second Pride has been remarkably successful.  Over the years it has sponsored some of the LGBT community’s largest events. And Second Pride has contributed in excess of US$ 25,000 to charities and causes.  ( http://second-pride.com/aboutus/ ).

But looked at another way, there is a long way to go. The vast majority of Second Pride has developed around human male avatars and DJ-based dance parties. Being human, a male, and a DJ – I have nothing against any of those things. But I know Second Pride can and should be so much more.

Where are the Lesbians? Where are the Bisexuals? Where are our straight friends and allies?  And where are LGBT expressions unique to the online world- furys, tinies, lycans, vampires, Gor and others. What can be done to reach out and heal whatever mistrust or disinterest exists?

The purpose of this blog is to create a forum where ideas about increasing diversity and improving Second Pride can be discussed. My hope is for a frank but positive conversation about why some parts of our community feel excluded, unwelcome, or disinterested.

To me, community building is at the very heart of any LGBT effort – including Second Pride. But community building is not something that one person – or even a Board -can do. To be successful, change has to have the support of the community. Through this blog I am asking for your support: Your ideas, your contacts – your knowledge of what’s worked or not worked in the past.  With the help of the community, I hope we can make Second Pride not just bigger, but better, for everyone in the community.


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7 Responses to Why This Blog

  1. You took the words right outta my big mouf! Big ❤ to ya Karl!

  2. Eagle Wilder says:

    Cheers until hoarse.

  3. redtorbjorn says:

    Excellent thoughts. Here’s something I’ve been thinking about that I mentioned to Jak last night…

    The SP Bylaws, other than just needing a good edit, have language that is not gender neutral. Yes there is some “his/her” (which should actually be “his or her” or “her or his”), but there are places where the words are single-gender-male focused. This may seem like a small thing to, well, males, but the way an org talks about itself through bylaws is a valid way of getting a glimpse of an org’s mindset. I’m not a lesbian, or transgender, or a furry (usually), so I can’t speak for them. But as another human male DJ who wants to reach out, I can see where someone who is NOT human, male, and a DJ could feel excluded just by some of the language in the Bylaws.

    Perhaps that’s one place (out of so many) to start?

    • karlkalchek says:

      Thanks, Tor. I’m not sure yet which chair this falls under. But I have heard others express interests in bylaw changes for these and other reasons. Would you or other be interested in participating in reviewing and recommending changes?

  4. I add my praise to the others above, Karl!

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